Ms. LaVie's School of Loving Arts

Vision for a Sex Positive Society

Vision for a Sex-Positive Society from Ms. LaVie's School of Loving Arts

Ms. LaVie's School provides a variety of offerings designed to promote an environment of healthy, responsible, pleasure-filled attitudes and behaviors related to sexuality. The purpose of Ms. LaVie's School of Loving Arts is to foster the following vision of what a sex-positive society/culture could look like.

  • People have all the information they need to live happy, intimate, sexual lives.
  • Integration of sex-positive values leads to attitudes and conversation that support healthy sexual beliefs and behaviors.
  • People heal from past sexual traumas.
  • Everyone feels comfortable expressing love to themselves and the significant relationships in their lives.
  • The environment is one where everyone feels free to talk to friends, partners and children regarding any sexual topic.
  • People experience appropriate levels of healthy shame instead of being consumed by toxic shame.
  • People feel free to express themselves in accordance with their desires.
  • People feel free to express their sexuality fully without shame.
  • Sexual freedom is available for everyone.
  • People feel comfortable expressing sex-positive attitudes that respect the right of all individuals to embody a full and responsive sexuality of their choosing.
  • Individuals explore their connections to Spirit and how it relates to sexuality.
  • Love is experienced and expressed with conscious intent.

Ms. LaVie's School of Loving Arts is taking the following actions to support this vision:

  • Providing open, nurturing, non-judgmental learning environments
  • Facilitating open, respectful and stimulating dialogue among like-minded people
  • Supporting individuals to feel good about themselves
  • Encouraging intimacy
  • Providing safe spaces for people to explore their values and attitudes toward sexuality
  • Nurturing sexual healing and transformation
  • Bringing in speakers/consultants that offer workshops on specific topics
  • Putting on special events to help foster a community of people interested in building a sex-positive world: dances, workshops, weekend retreats, ritual events, newsletter and more.

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