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Sacred Sexuality Terms

Sacred Sexuality Terms

    Tantra - east Asian religion, practice, and/or worldview embracing the physical and the spiritual. Originated before recorded history in India, most highly developed in the last millennium in Tibet. While it's known in America primarily as an esoteric sexual practice, it would be more accurate to say that it's a spiritual perspective that embraces sexual expression along with everything else.

    Lingam, Vajra - Sanskrit terms used in tantric circles to refer to the penis, and also the spiritual properties associated with the masculine principle. "The vajra destroys all kinds of ignorance, and itself is indestructible."

    Yoni - Sanskrit term for vagina, also meaning "divine passage" or "sacred temple".

    Divine Masculine - the highest form of the masculine principle, characterized by deep awareness, by witnessing without judgment, and by creating and holding safe space for any and all experience.

    Divine Feminine - the highest form of the feminine principle, characterized by embodying the tempestuous energies of the universe without restriction, and by a deep heart connection to the ebb and flow of the Cosmos.

    Sacred Marriage - the bringing together of the divine masculine and divine feminine in sacred union. Often used to refer specifically to this union within a single self ? cultivating our own masculine and feminine sides so they can love, heal, and bring depth and life to each other.

    Patriarchy - in context of the above definitions, used to contrast with the divine masculine. Patriarchy judges and needs to be in control. The divine masculine witnesses without judgment, and requires no control over anything. Patriarchy needs things to be within acceptable predefined parameters. The divine masculine accepts anything that arises.

    Sacred Prostitute - someone who facilitates healing and spiritual realization through sexuality, either professionally for money or as part of temple work in exchange for religious offerings. Found in a wide range of preindustrial cultures.

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