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Sacred Sexuality


 Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality represents the bringing together of bodily and spiritual energies for greater depth of both physical experience
 and spiritual realization.

 Ms. LaVie's School offers a number of
classes and seminars in this field.

There are also many sacred sexuality links in the Resources section of this website, and we provide here a list of Sacred Sexuality Terms.



Tantric Pujalens1546749_sacredsex.jpg
Share an evening of deep connecting with others as we honor the Divine in each other. A Tantric Puja is a real-world exploration of the dance of masculine and feminine energies where participants see each other in a new light. The puja facilitator creates a container of safety and comfort where participants connect with each other through their eyes, breath, and structured exercises designed to encourage giving and receiving with awakened hearts and conscious minds.

Pujas work best when there is a gender balance or at least an even number of people. For this reason,

we invite you to consider bringing a friend/sister/brother/ex of the opposite sex with you instead of coming alone. Open to couples and singles regardless. You do not have to be a committed couple to obtain the discount; just register together for the reduced rates.

What to wear: Tantric Puja encourages adornment of the physical body as a temple of visual and sensual delight.
Bring out the god/goddess in YOU!
Goddesses: enjoy flowing scarves, belly dance attire, or comfortable evening wear.
Gods: be creative, with a vest, sarong or special robe or shirt.
We will be sitting on the floor some, and moving around quite a bit, so dress comfortably.
There is no nudity in a puja, so please, wear something!

contact us or calling at 612-396-0226.



We have a meetup relating to sacred sexuality events here in the Twin Cities. Join us at our Meetup site.



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