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Heal Sexually; Reclaim Your Sacred Feminine Power
Article by Anyaa Mcandrew and Candessa Hadsall in the May 2006 issue of Essential Wellness.

We Are Prietesses. We are also feminists. In the 1970s and '80s spirituality and feminism took separate paths.
Subsequent changes have influenced us to want more than just power... (Also published in Alternatives Magazine.)

What We Never Learned about Sex
by Baba Dez Nichols and Anyaa McAndrew
Or view online in Edge Life, January 2006:

Read an interview with Ms. LaVie in which she describes the structure of the School, the reasons for starting it,
and her background as a teacher of sexuality for over 20 years. (Edge Life, September 2005 issue)

The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine, an article by Candessa for Edge Life, September 2008.

National Sacred Sexuality Resources

Anyaa McAndrew - Shamanic / transpersonal therapist and Tantra teacher who often visits Minnesota

The Institute for Ecstatic Living, home of tantra teachers Margot Anand and Steve & Lokita Carter.

Baba Dez Nichols - Daka and transformational guide based in Sedona, AZ who teaches workshops worldwide

Meet up!
Relating to sacred sexuality
events in the Twin Cities.
Join us at our Meetup site.

Local People and Organizations:

Bryan Bertsch, Universal Tao Instructor

The Twin Cities Polyamory Discussion Group

The Smitten Kitten - a local progressive sex toy store

Twin Cities area Sacred Sexuality Practitioners:

Apollo Grace at

Kimala Kai at


National Sacred
Sexuality Resources

Betty Dodson, female sexuality pioneer

Sexy Spirits


Miss Jaiya
Pamela Madsen 

Shantam Nitamya

Deborah Anapol, author of Polyamory: the New Love Without Limits

The Society for Sacred Sexuality:

The Society's Declaration_of_Sexual_Independence


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